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Spring in Horse Country

April 1st, I met my friend, Karin, in Aiken South Carolina — definitely NOT a one-horse town, there are 1,000′s.  We trailered a couple of horses back through Kentucky and met some amazing equines along the way.  For you horse people, the footing and trails are the best anywhere; a soft sandy mix of organic materials through lush forests, along long quiet dirt roads bordered by old growth pine and oak trees.  The horses that we saw were loved and in good health, but there are many that are tossed away and shipped off for slaughter to Canada and Mexico. This is a horrible practice that needs to end.  See links at the end of this post for more equine information.

Bailey & Mine Too Kicking it Up in the Paddock
Two young stallions having a polite conversation

Most incredible Paint Stallion huffing and puffing at a neighbor mare

Langfuhr . A very special stallion at Lane's End in Kentucky
Our favorite jockey, exercising horses. He loves his job.

Babies sleep a lot. This baby is less than a day old.
One of my favorite horses, we had daily talks, he's a Trakehner. He lives outside our cottage.
Horse Hall of Fame, Kentucky. Fresians are friendly, devoted, and exquisite.

Horses are intelligent, sensitive beings and they need our help.  They should never be slaughtered.  It’s important to stay informed on current legislation so we can protect them from abuse, and also help protect the few remaining wild horses in peril.  Here are some important links.  For horse caregivers:  http://harmanyequine.comhttp://www.a-b-c-plus.com   Help the horses:,,,,,

one of the 5 entertaining dogs at our Aiken cottage
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