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Autumn Roadtrip . Nature, Farms, Poetry

frayed sunlight

between the pilings -

summer’s end

Twin lakes, Stillwater
Twin lakes, Stillwater


cornfield, amery, wisconsin
Cornfield, Amery, Wisconsin

never again

the colors

of this maple leaf

Highway 95 St. Croix River Valley
Highway 95, St. Croix River Valley, Minnesota


Taylor's Falls
Taylor's Falls, Minnesota
sumac, amery, wisconsin
Sumac, Osceola, Wisconsin
philadelphia community farm, amery, wisconsin
Philadelphia Community Farm, Osceola, Wisconsin

long grasses sway

over these prairie graves

a pallid sky

riverbend organic farm, delano
Riverbend Organic Farm, Delano, Minnesota


morning glory farm, hugo
Morning Glory Farm, Hugo, Minnesota

wind farm, iowa
Wind Farm, Decora, Iowa


a fallen pear –

the umblemished side

facing up

Green Thumb Farm, Stockton, Missouri
Green Thumb Farm, Stockton, Missouri
green thumb organic farm, stockton, missouri
Neil working the hive.  The barn Neil built, Green Thumb Farm, Stockton, Missouri
Neil's new chicken coop door, & painting of chicken on door by Linda Brunner
Neil’s new chicken coop door, & painting of chicken on door by Linda Brunner

rain puddle –

with his paw a cat moves

the clouds along


new addition to the herd, Pawpee. a little papillion rescue
Newest addition to Green Thumb Farm, Pawpee. a little Papillion rescue

Haikus excerpted from Ambrosia, Journal of Fine Haiku.

Haiku 俳句 is a form of Japanese poetry consisting of  17 moras in three phrases, usually appearing in three lines.

Photography Tip: Often, it would be most convenient and lighten one’s load to carry one lens & camera, but when traveling it’s hard to know what you’ll need.  I bring all my lenses, some reflectors, tri-pod, light stands, and other gear in my trunk so it’s there if I need it.

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