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Tis the Season to get Married

Ahhhh, Summertime and Love is in the air.  Here are two Summer weddings I recently photographed along with photo tips.  The first wedding below showcases Calhoun Beach Club, Wisteria Flowers, Adagio DJ, Ned Kantar Jazz, D’Amico Catering.


Photography Tip:  In the two photographs directly above, the subject was heavily backlit.  The sky had little or no clouds and was very bright causing lens flare.  I used an ISO of 100 to bring the darken background a bit, and manually pumped up my flash to throw the right amount of light on the subjects so they were not too bright (hot) or too dark (underexposed).  Hence the bright flash and bright background evened out.

The second wedding was at Silverwood Park, Martha’s Gardens Flowers in St. Paul, Mintahoe Catering.



Photography Tip:   When photographing in a space where there is unusual lighting, such as colored uplighting, it’s more interesting to include the color than not.  I don’t try to fight it, rather I include it by turning my flash down a bit manually, and leaving the shutter open a bit longer (about 40th of a second) to allow for the ambient light.

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