Happy Father’s Day.

fair7972009 entry: Big dishes of ice cream, chocolate eclairs, berry pie, sugar cookies, white chocolate and licorice.  Dad liked ice cream so much, he would fill his entire mouth with a super giant spoonful for the absolute biggest burst of vanilla cream possible.  My Grandpa had a bakery in New York, where Dad grew up.  I think he acquired his taste for the sweet things then.  Here’s Dad & Mom at the Minnesota State Fair in 2001 eating cream puffs…mmmm, Dad is licking that custardy stuff off his lips.  That was such a fun day.  I miss Dad so so much.


2008 entry: This first post is dedicated to my Father, Christian Schneider, on Father’s Day Eve. Before I can put “pen to paper”, I need to be on the water, where Dad’s heart resides. I’m so glad that my Dad and I spent time together doing what we love best..being among the world’s natural wonders. He is my inspiration for much of what I love. Spend time with those you love. Life hangs by such a slender thread.  This is my Dad fly fishing on the Root River, 2002. He’s the best person I’ll ever know.

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