Suede Baby

Kristen is an emotive practiced singer.  The 4 piece talented band, Suede Baby, blows out timeless originals, swing & eclectic tunes carried by Kristen’s professional swanky voice reminiscent of the 40′s. You can find Suede Baby’s performance schedule on MySpace. As long as I was shooting, I noticed some other tasty things to photograph.  Photo Tip: Angles. Try different angles both with your position (get up high, or squat down low) and the camera (turn it sideways or crooked).  Notice how these pictures were taken from different angles, notice the angle has everything to do with the “energy” and personality the image carries. Rose Mille in Stillwater kindly offered their storefront for the backdrop.  It’s a shop full of imported and hard to find ribbons, cups, decor, clothing, soaps, chandeliers, furniture, cards…lots and lots of cool stuff.

suede baby bandred shoes

guitar gretchrose mille storefrontframesbottles

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