Traveling to Mexico – Zihuatanejo

Just got back from Mexico, 85 & beautiful.  We stayed in Ixtapa at Las Brisas – it’s about $180/night.  Hotel rooms are about $150-$500 in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo area.  This hotel was built in traditional Mexican style, lots of stucco, tile, indigenous plants, right on the oceanfront.  There are several restaurants in the Hotel, all fresh local fish, fruit, beans, etc.  The beach is private and quiet, no jet skis or ugly americans.  Clean with drinkable and hot water.  A more expensive stay may include all meals and drinks, a private pool in the room, and spa services.  The best thing about Las Brisas is the beach front.  It’s shut off from the rest of the beach by mountains on both ends, it’s quiet because no one can get to it.
Las Brisas, Ixtapa
(view from my room) We walked around a lot in the town of Zihuatanejo since I like to experience the local culture.  Zihuat is a fishing village.  In recent years the town is catering to tourists with restaurants and tiendas (mexican storefronts).  The food is amazing here, it’s so fresh, fruit is actually ripe, bursting with flavor and juices.  The fish comes right in here from the Ocean on little fishing boats, and some bigger boats.  On our walks we saw open air casas and tiendas, handmade and handpainted ceramics, baskets, cotton goods; the restaurants are mostly open air or outdoor on the beach or street, bright tropical flowers and birds, lots of birds, iguana, coconuts….
zihauteneo casa open air zihauteneo handpainted store
Zihauteneo Casa Arcadia
zihauteneo fishing boat & tropical flower
Some favorite restaurants are:  Las Brisas Hotel Breakfast Buffet, Las Briasa II on the beach (Ixtapa).  In Zihuatanejo Centro – La Casa Vieja, Ana’s Tamales, Casa Arcadia (on the beachfront). For music:  Rick’s Bar, Bandidos.
zihauteneo night

Photo Tip: Don’t avoid a good shot because it’s dark.  With the new digital cameras you can adjust the ISO to 800+, open your aperture as low as it can go (2.8 or 4.5), put your camera on a sturdy object like a chair or ledge, and use your timer. The people are very tolerant of tourists, mellow and friendly in general.  I don’t think they realize what could happen to their little town if more big investors decided to set up shop.  I hope this doesn’t happen.

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