Destined for Greatness – Minneapolis Club and St. Paul Weddings

August is a perfect time for a wedding in Minnesota, it’s still warm and beautiful but not too hot.  Emily & Chris are destined for greatness and so was their wedding. Everyone had a great time, and I loved creating beauty from beauty on this special day in August.

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Laurie Schneider is a visual storyteller whose portrait and documentary projects capture the humanity of her subjects.  She specializes in photographing people who shape the landscape of our times.  Laurie’s projects include commercial, editorial, wedding and portraiture work.  She specializes in people, animals, and farm to table.  When she is not clicking the shutter, Laurie is riding horses or rescuing honeybee swarms.  She is proud to be a steward of the land.  Laurie’s passion for the natural world and its sentient beings is evident in her work.  Believing that all animals deserve respect and care, Laurie contributes to animal and environmental programs.   651-351-1100

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