Dinner on the Farm

Dinner on the Farm creates a marriage made in heaven . Local chefs – local farms – sustainably sourced.  The ever popular dinners sell out pretty quick. Dave’s Brewfarm in Wisconsin with Birchwood Cafe chefs preparing locally sourced from Riverbend Farm, Heart beet & Dragsmith Farms, Backyard Grocery.

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Laurie Schneider is a visual storyteller whose portrait and documentary projects invite viewers to take a closer look at sustainable living.

Laurie has been producing award-winning images for 25 years.  Her background is in photojournalism, portraiture and fine art.  She specializes in assignment and special project work that involves story development, animals, people, events and farm to table.  In addition to being a veteran fine artist, she is a community activist, documentary photographer and environmentalist.  She is the Founder of the Pollinator Friendly Alliance based in Stillwater.  Her images evoke the true nature of people as well as touchstones in their lives.  She captures the charm of animals and the authentic nature of sustainable farming.

Contact Laurie for assignments at:  laurie@lschneider.com | 651-351-1100  |  www.laurieschneider.com

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