Holiday Animal Familiars – Santa Dogs

I had a great time photographing Santa dogs last Saturday at Houle’s Feed Store in Stillwater.   What a great bunch of canines!


This is Stella, Vizsla puppy.   She was up on that wagon for a micro-second and we got this shot.  After that it was run, run, run, lick, lick, lick, kiss, kiss, kiss….the sweetest puppy ever!


Meet Sir Peetey (named after Peter the Rabbit because he’s soft as a bunny).  He’s a rescue from a kitty mill.  He was intended to be a sire (kept in a cage for the rest of his life without being fixed…a situation that makes the cat go mad).  But, he is one of the most friendly, cuddly, loving cats I know.  We are so lucky to have him with us.


Photography Tip: Cats are usually more difficult to photograph than dogs.  They tend to hide or trust their familiar people rather than strangers.  So, the best way to get cats is when they are distracted by toys in their natural surroundings.  Watch for my Pet Photography Class at MPC in April, 2010.

This is Jake, the second of two lovely poodle dogs at Geno & Lorna’s place.  We adorned them with holiday fare.


Meet Clover, my sweet Poodle boy.  Clover passed over the rainbow bridge a few months ago.  I miss him so much.  He was the king of snow, he conquered those flying flakes.

Adam, Marika, & Abbie . I love how Marika & Abbie are looking adoringly at each other and with respect.  Abbie is a rescue dog.abbie I applaud Adam & Marika for adopting this sweet girl.  Black dogs are the highest bred and least adopted dogs.  Please consider a rescue animal when adopting.  There are so many that need homes.  Here are some great sites to find rescues:  home for life, petfinder, animal humanesociety, lost dog & cat rescue, adopt-a-pet, craig’s list.

Photography Tip: My flash wasn’t working properly.  So, I improvised  by finding locations where the light was very even, and I adjusted my settings so that they matched the natural light as well (ISO 200, Aperture 5.6, ASA 60)

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