Sustainable Farmers . Stewards of The Land . Chapter 1

This post will be updated & changed each time I visit a farm as part of my Documentary Farm Project.   Check back again.

BARNSIGNMORNING GLORY FARM, GRANT TOWNSHIP, April 22, 2010. I’ll be photographing four farms; each is different.  The common thread is their dedication & how invested the farmers are to restoring the land, and providing healthy food from it.  They care for their land and animals with a great respect. My hope is to show a way of life that nurtures the land and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It’s surprising that there are still people out there that remain unaware of the toxins going into our land and food from pesticides caused by the likes of Mansanto and others.  The information is at our fingertips.  Thankfully there are sustainable farmers who don’t use pesticides, chemicals, and antiobiotics.  Rather these farmers build the soil up and allow their animals to live a healthy life on grass pastures.


These two beautiful cows were added to Morning Glory this year.  Rebecca’s plan was to keep the girl for milking, and the bull calf would eventually be used for beef.  It’s not clear if the female will produce milk or not.  They have a large grazing area in pastures full of healthy plants and grasses.


Installing new packages of bees.  Rebecca wintered over two hives from last year and is adding two more this year for a total of four bee hives.   The new honey bees arrived in these wooden screened boxes from California and are being put into their new hive box homes.


Not all sheep lambs are bottle fed, but this one had a hard time feeding from Mom.  After the sheep chew down the grasses in one area, they are moved to another with tall plants and grasses.  This is the healthiest and most natural way to raise sheep.


A word about organic eggs.  Morning Glory eggs are totally free of any additives, cleansers, and antiobiotics.  The chickens are free-range, and I mean free range.  They eat a variety of grasses and insects around the Farm daily and are given a nutritional organic feed in the coop each morning.   The eggs then are NOT washed in chlorine, which is a required practice if sold through grocery stores including organic eggs.

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