Sustainable Farmers – Stewards of the Land . Chapter 5

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LIVING THE DREAM FARM . May 23, 2010.  OSCEOLA, Wisconsin.   Khaiti & Andrew are like tomatos & carrots, companion plants helping each other grow their dreams. Khaiti becomes more knowlegable about farming with every new project she takes on, and Andrew compliments that with his background in permaculture.  It’s amazing what Khaiti has already developed in a short time, I can’t wait to see what Living The Dream becomes with the force of these two in the future.

Below:  Fast Waddling Ducks.  Have you ever tried to pick up a duck in a pack of 100′s?  They run and scatter.  Khaiti wanted to somehow identify the ducks to know which litter each came from.  So far, the only method available is to band the leg.  The bands guaranteed to be big enough for ducks, as the ducks get bigger, turn out are not big enough.  So, Khaiti is removing the bands one by one.



Above:  Khaiti’s mind over matter duck catching strategy.    Below:  Ducks love greens from the garden, roots and all.


Above:  Ducks of varying ages here:  ducklings are in the hoop house in a temporary baby crib.  Later as teenagers, they will run about in the hoop house, until finally, as adults they run about the fenced grounds.  In the winter, ducks need water daily to clean their wings and splash about.  Khaiti hauls ten buckets of water from the house to the covered winter hoop house for the ducks. A labor of love for sure.  Below:  Collecting fresh duck eggs at 5 am each morning before the clever crows get to them.  Ducks select cute little pockets to lay in.


Above:  Selling fresh duck eggs, her customer chooses wisely.   Below:  Living The Dream welcomes the community and is happy to share her knowledge.  Visitors play with the friendly goats and learn to make goat soap with fresh ingredients from the earth.


Above:  Fresh goats milk used to make soap.   The girls produce smooth and creamy milk.    Below:  Khaiti teaches a soap making class.  Today guests picked juniper from nearby bushes to scent the soap.


The turkey chicks are no longer chicks, they are getting bigger fast.  They peck about the grounds eating lots of insects and fresh grasses.   Khaiti recently put up a fenced area for them.  Since they became older, the turkeys began venturing further away and into road.


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