Minnesota State Fair

Some of my favorite things at the State Fair: -DFL Farm Labor Building offers eclectic live music and sells these luscious Peace Coffee flavored frozen mocha bars on a stick.  Sort of like a fudgesicle, only coffee dipped in dark chocolate….oo la la.  -People watching is almost a surreal experience during the day with the colors and the unreal little city within a city.  It’s like a movie or a dream playing out, except you’re playing a part in it.   -Butterfly House hundreds, maybe 1000′s of exotic beautiful butterflies and cocoons.  Photo Tip: Take chances!  Change your ISO, ASA, Aperture…mess with your settings, change your position…experiment; the best way to discover.

minnesota state fair

-Free Music Stages bring in some really fun, talented acts like Polka Freak Out.  What an amazing show they did, the whole crowd was infected with their energy. http://www.polkafreakout.com
-Fine Art Building provides a wide range of amateur to famous artists’ work.  That’s me with my good friend, Mary Lou in front of my photo & Keith with Adair in front of Adair’s photo.  Adair, Keith and I had photos accepted in the Fine Art Exhibit.  There were approx 800 photo entries and less than 180 accepted.

fine art show

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