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Birds and the Wish of Spring

The winters have become longer and colder. Creatures, trees and all living things struggle to make it through. My honeybees barely survive, if they do at all. And so I wish for spring and fly off to a warmer place. Florida for five days, my first time there. Many of our northern birds fly there too, the cardinal, the goose. The birds, the birds, the birds…

The birds of Florida



Across the sands of beach we flit,
One little sandpiper and I;
And fast I gather, bit by bit,
The scattered shell bleached and dry.
The gulf waves reach their hands for it,
Around our feet, the tide runs high,
As up and down the beach we flit,
One little sandpiper and I.

-excerpt from The Sandpiper by Celia Thaxter



look at the sweet dancing birds






“…When I returned from so many journeys,
I stayed suspended and green
between sun and geography -
I saw how wings worked,
how perfumes are transmitted
by feathery telegraph,
and from above I saw the path,
the springs and the roof tiles,
the fishermen at their trades,
the trousers of the foam;
I saw it all from my green sky.

I had no more alphabet
than the swallows in their courses,
the tiny, shining water
of the small bird on fire
which dances out of the pollen.”

-Pablo Neruda







Top to Bottom:  Whimbrel, Tricolored Heron, Brown Pelican, Elegant Term, Snowy Egret, Great Horned Owl, White Ibis.  These beautiful creatures are often injured by fishermen’s lines and boats. It’s a big problem in coastal areas.


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