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Where the Bees Play

The Blue Fruit Farm and Prairie Moon Nursery lay alongside the hills and valleys of the beautiful Driftless Region of SE Minnesota. Jim and Joyce Riddle tend to 5 acres of certified organic blueberries, elderberries, aronia berries, black currrants, plums, honeyberries, jostaberries, juneberries and cherry plums. The land is lived on and tended with loving care for ecological balance without any chemicals.  Blue Fruit Farm is part of the Wiscoy Valley Community Land Cooperative, a 360 acre land cooperative farmed organic since the mid-1970′s.

Bumble Bee on blueberry flowers at Blue Fruit Farm

IMG_2499 IMG_2666 IMG_2677 IMG_2706 IMG_6073 IMG_6076 IMG_6079 copy IMG_6081 IMG_6098 copy IMG_6106 IMG_6123 IMG_6128 IMG_6159 IMG_6187Prairie Moon is right next door. Blankets of natives cover beautiful long stretches of prairie nearby. Both the Riddles and Prairie Moon’s family are members in the Wiscoy Valley Land Cooperative. Prairie Moon strives to grow plants from a collection of Dot Wade’s original “true” wildflowers, ecological experiments. They believe, even if you are cultivating natives on a small corner of an urban lot, you are part of this ongoing experiment on how to assist nature in ecological restoration. Most of their plants and prairies are hand weeded and seed is hand harvested.

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Laurie has been producing award-winning images for 25 years. She specializes in assignment and special project work that involves story development, animals, people, events and farm to table. When she is not clicking the shutter, Laurie is riding horses or rescuing honeybees.  She is proud to be a steward of the land and Founder of the Pollinator Friendly Alliance. Laurie is two time recipient of the Minnesota State Arts Board Artists Alliance Award in 2014 and 2016.

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