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The Birds are Back for Mother’s Day

But where is Spring!  This seems like the longest winter ever.  The birds are hungry and thirsty.

Minnesota Robins are migratory. We don’t really know where they go to.  But, when you hear a male Robin singing his territory song, you can take comfort that spring is actually at hand.

robin in winter

Cardinals choose a mate and stick together.  They look out for one another and work the nest together, so it’s not uncommon to see a female and male nearby.

male cardinal in snowy tree

Crows are smart birds; they can use tools, remember your face, conspire with one another, they do planning, and can problem solve.  I love how they hop hop hop and walk like a hunched over person.

crow on snow

Finches are songbirds and a joy to listen to. One of the most common birds all over the world in many varieties. Below is a house finch (brown) and purple finch (reddish).

house finch and purple finch at feeder

The Barred Owl has a mysterious call “who-cooks-for-you” and nests in hollow trees.  It’s uncommon to see them out during the day like this one or around human traffic.

barred owl in tree

Deer have a tough time finding food in the winter.  They will scrape the snow away to eat small twigs, dry grasses, and tree bark.

deer in snow

Mothers Day Portraits.  A very popular portrait special just in time for Mother’s Day.   Mini sessions at a discounted special rate. A quick 20 minutes so you can carry on with your day.  Treat Mom to brunch and surprise her with a little side trip for a portrait with a daughter, sister, grandchild, generations, beloved pet or friend.  The best gift one can give are memories to cherish a lifetime.  More details will follow on my next blog post or email laurie@lschneider.com.

mother and child portraitmother and daughter holding hands in a heart shapeYoung girl and baby sister

I’m happy to announce Bluebird from Laurie Schneider Photography on Etsy.   Bluebird is the fine art side of our studio offering custom design and artful photography pieces created by me. Including framed art, sepia silver gelatin prints, art notecards, handbound books and more.  Watch the Bluebird Photo Art Storefront  as I add more pieces for purchase and to enjoy .

Framed Sepia Photograph of Gardenia

Stay tuned as Spring comes alive, and baby farm animals are being born.  For years I have been documenting the Sustainable Farming movement and recently was awarded the Minnesota State Arts Board grant to continue this important project.  While photographing farmers at work, I can hardly contain myself to see those sweet baby faces of barn animals begging to have their picture taken.  So stay tuned for baby animals in my next SPRING BLOG POST.  By then, it better be spring!

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