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Animals Home for the hOliDaYs

Animals bring us boundless joy

Holiday pictures with a few photo tips to boot.  Happy Winter!

Deer are beautiful creatures and difficult to capture. Put your camera on continuous fire and hold the shutter down.

Rover is inquisitive at the perfect moment as we worked to capture a cozy home scene for smooth party-making TWO GINGERS Whiskey Holiday Posters. A low light scene is best with ambient and/or on camera flash and a tripod with a long exposure rather than big strobe lights which would blast too much light.
This rescue dog was adopted from the Animal Humane Society. He's posing for the AHS's Holiday Card. The card reminds us to make a place in our hearts and homes for homeless pets. Behind the scenes, people held up a dark blanket behind me to remove reflections in the glass door.
The Animal Humane Society helped this man place his beloved kitty when he went to a senior care residence. He's often tired, but when his beloved kitty comes to visit from his new home, he's overjoyed. Shots like this require patience and little or no intervention.

santa pet portraits

One of my favorite things to photograph are santa portraits.  The dogs are unpredictale and super fun.  Some of these pictures demonstrate holiday card designs.  We have many cool card designs that offer a custom message, pictures and design elements for your family portraits.  Contact Laurie for more information at 651.351.1100.  We also offer graduation announcements, invitations, save the dates, birth announcements, and note cards of all kinds.



If you would like a sleigh portrait like this, there's still time for a New Year's card and a sleigh portrait. Call Laurie 651-351-1100 to schedule. The next sessions are on December 27th.
That's my Rooster Hemlock in the sleigh, and yes, I photoshop'd him in. The rest is real. This is my custom postage stamp this year.
My friend Bill in his homemade Portland Cutter. He took first in his class with this sweet pony.

The Outing Lodge in Stillwater offers lovely theme dinners, sleigh rides and music. To capture this scene, it's best to try and "show" the mood or feel rather than light the whole area. I used a long exposure to show the action and soft holiday lights.

One of my favorite things in the world is to ride in the deep silent snow with a furry horse in the quiet peace of nature.

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