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 Photo tip:  Interior shots under incandescent light can be a bit tricky.  Light temperatures change the hue, in this case to yellow. To avoid this you can: shoot in manual, adjust your shutter speed and flash to give the most natural looking light (ISO 1000, ASA 50, aperture 3.5); adjust white balance in camera – or in photoshop later or both; bounce flash off something white if possible like a ceiling, wall or bounce card.

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The Humane Societys in the Twin Cities offer Summer camp for kids. It’s a great idea and the kids have a lot of fun learning about animals and nature. They get plenty of animal time. I would have loved this as a kid.

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Staff and volunteers are animal lovers of course and have their own menageries at home.

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Animals are first treated and examined when they arrive. Golden Valley has a full surgery and medical staff.

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Cats now have double-wides at the AHS Golden Valley location.  Two cages which are joined by a doorway so the cat has more room and two places to go.  The Animal Humane Societies of the Twin Cities have joined together in an effort to strive for no-kill at their shelters by shuttling animals around. If one shelter is full, animals can be housed at another companion shelter.


All sorts of pets are accepted, housed and placed at AHS.

Photo Tip:  Animals can be a challenge to photograph if they are afraid or active. Some may even feel threatened. It’s best to stay back out of their faces and try to blend in with the room to be as natural as possible before beginning to take pictures. I keep my distance and try not to use flash since it scares some, then wait for the moment rather than trying to force the animal subject into a position. It may require patience and a bit of waiting to get the right shot. Or in some cases a quick shot before the animal is aware of you works. It’s best to assess the situation and animal before beginning. Always respect first.

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