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The Ride

Each Summer in Minnesota, there’s a great fine art show that includes professionals, artists, old people, students, farmers, lawyers…every body.  Artists congregate there, it’s like a who’s who of the art scene on opening night, friends and colleagues reconnect.  It’s a homecoming of long time working artists.  There are thousands of entries which the jurors must widdle down to the very best.  They do this in one evening.  It’s daunting. Doug Beasley was the Photo Judge this year.  Here’s his story, and my second place Photo.  Doug Beasley’s story.

the ride

The Ride . Laurie Schneider

Photo Tip: When planning a fine art photo session, visualize the composition in your mind before – the colors, background/foreground, texture, movement, mood…all that you can.  This will help to bring the proper equipment, choose the right model, and direct the subject towards your vision.

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