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Secret Assignment – a Marriage Proposal

These dearhearts have known each other since they were 9 years old. So when Dylan hired a secret photographer to capture their proposal, he had absolutely no doubts that Violet would say YES!  On a cold & dreary April day, watch as this couple braves the cold to begin their lives together.

IMG_1862 propose

IMG_1876 IMG_1896 IMG_1902 IMG_1904



IMG_1939 IMG_1954 IMG_1980


IMG_2065 IMG_2080

IMG_2126_1 IMG_2132 IMG_2183 IMG_2192 IMG_2225


Photographer’s Notes: Dylan and I spoke beforehand and came up with a plan including exactly what time and where. Since I didn’t know what they looked like, he also emailed pictures before.  We had a backup plan in case of rain, and he text’d me with the code word “River” for the outdoor location instead of “studio” in case of rain.  A long zoom lens and cover helped me stay incognito. But once he was on his knee, she lost awareness of the whole world except for him so I was able to come out and move around for a variety of shots.  I made absolutely sure my exposure was right. No flash of course.  Later we walked to some of my favorite Stillwater locations for a few portraits. This could be my favorite sort of photography to do. An honor to be included in their first moments of together forever.
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