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Traveling Exhibition at MOSES Organic & Sustainable Conference

IMG_9037Sustainable Farmers-Stewards of the Land traveling exhibition is helping people to understand the relevance of sustainability in today’s world of disappearing bees and unpredictable climate. It’s essential to live with a conscience and these dedicated farmers are leading the way.

MOSES 25 yearsI was honored to be the sponsored artist at the MOSES Conference. Plus I learned how to make organic chicken feed, graft fruit trees, grow mushrooms, get solar at my home & farm, and a wealth of other key information so I can be a steward of our land.  Each year, MOSES – Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service, puts on a conference full with workshops, roundtables, exhibitors, amazing speakers and the leaders of sustainability.  This year the keynotes were these inspiring experts: Anna Lappe’, Author of Diet for a Hot Planet plus Permaculture guru Mark Shepard, also syndicated Journalist Alan Guebert, and the Podoll family of Prairie Road Organic Farm.


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SHAKE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU! Get to know your farmer and where your food comes from. Sustainable farmers are the superheros of our times when climates are changing, water and air is tainted, endangered species are becoming extinct daily.  Don’t be misled, Sustainable farmers CAN feed the world with the support of our communities. GMO’s & pesticides are not the only way. As a consumer, the power lies in our hands- just by choosing organic or sustainably made products.  The ONLY way to sustain our land, air and water now and for future generations is through “Sustainablility”.

atina diffley
Atina & Martin Diffley, Superhero Farmers

DOW Agent OrangeIMPORTANT NEWS:  Please consider signing this letter.  2,4-D is a lethal chemical and main element in Agent Orange. If approved by the USDA, 2,4-D will not only contaminate land and air, it is toxic to humans and all living things. It has a seven mile drift and knocks the blossoms off plants destroying all non GMO plants in a 7 mile radius.



Laurie Schneider is a visual storyteller whose portrait & documentary work capture the humanity of her subjects. Her projects include commercial, editorial and portraiture work with people, animals & sustainability. When she is not clicking the shutter, she’s rescuing honeybee swarms. She is proud to be a steward of the land. Laurie received the Minnesota Artist Alliance Award and was voted the most green vendor by the Minnesota Environmental Partnership. This year, Laurie’s home and hobby farm is going solar!

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