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St. Paul Hotel Holiday Wonderland

The St. Paul Hotel offers so much for the holidays. Their ballroom is magnificent.  The food is delectable.  The entire hotel is blissed out in holiday décor, there are carolers singing about, and a super popular tea served meticulously and includes everything you could dream of.  It’s old time Christmas with superb service.  The people are friendly not pretentious and everything is designed to make the customer comfortable and feel attended to.  Following are a few images from a December wedding.4150web IMG_3721bb IMG_3768bsm IMG_3793bsm IMG_3860bb IMG_3905bsm IMG_3926bsm IMG_4016bsm IMG_4234bbsm IMG_4273bsm IMG_4486bsm IMG_4504bs IMG_4557bFor 20 years, it has been my great honor to be a part of the most intimate moments of a couple’s beginnings.  Creating a visual record; a slice of life and touchstones of love to be cherished and passed on.  My style is comfortable and relaxed for you, as I work steadily, sensing when that moment is about to happen.  I have the rare ability to personally connect with people, resulting in emotive and enduring images with a fresh perspective for each new and different couple.  I’m a hopeless romantic.  “I love catching those little things that make one person special to the other”.  More information is available on Laurie’s website. 



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